A purity story

Natural, original, pure.  All of these mean raw.

We are raw-honey addicts, dedicated exclusively to honey and to products from beekeeping. We have been working for years on the Romanian territory, selecting the highest quality product for our customers. Romanian Raw Honey. Our main institutional buyers are located in Italy and Germany.

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Offers and stocks

There is immediately available (January 2024) for export :

  • 1 stock of 10 tons of Organic Acacia honey (Premium quality)
  • 2 stocks of 5 tons of Organic Acacia honey (Premium quality)

High acacia pollen content, F/G > 1.5 , unadulterated, free of additive, free of pesticides residues and antibiotics. Homogenised or raw. Premium quality. Samples approved.

Our Products

Each batch of honey received is object of careful analyses, both at public local institutions, and private organizations, local but also international, accredited in order to ensure a safe raw product, free from contamination by antibiotics or other impurities.

We are an authorized company to the EU honey export by the Romanian state Authority (DSVSA). We work in accordance with the HACCP rules. We can provide documentation on request.

We sell mainly natural honey (raw honey) of the following sorts

  • Acacia honey
  • Multiflower / polyfloral honey
  • Linden honey
  • Rape honey

We also sell the following specialties

  • Mint honey
  • Coriander honey


We also sell the product in jars, already ready-to-eat packaged under the European laws, branded according to customer requirements.


We include, if required, transport to the customer’s premises, through our partners who are specialized in international transport of honey.

We deliver across Europe, of course adding to the product all the necessary analyses and certification.


Our company is situated in the Romanian region of Wallachia (Southern Romania), a place traditionally devoted to the honey production, thanks to the presence of high mountain lawns and native acacia trees. 
There are in fact acacia forests spread over large areas. Because bees are flying for their collection at a distance of no more than 5 km, that’s the reason why there are areas so ample available to the bees, generating a specialhigh purity honey product.
But there is not only the product of acacia to be of great quality, and also rape and sunflower are also over large areas, so the collection made by bees typically pastoral generates again a honey of great purity.
Reaching us is very simple: we are located in Ploiesti, not far from Bucharest, about 30 km away from the Otopeni International Airport (Henri Coanda).
All our references are found in the contacts area.

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